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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Making today a good day.

(written on Saturday)

Last night’s shindig has me quite tired today.  I think I haven’t slept too well, and yet there was so much to do, I couldn’t let myself waste the whole day.  The sun is shining outside like it hasn’t in ages.  Chel and I headed out to snag this summer’s plants (mostly flowers and a few tomatoes etc.).  A much previously discussed and needed chore.

Today, even though I had lack of sleep, I found it to be a joy, not a chore.  Starting last night I put out a recipe for blueberry pancakes, prepped the blueberries, and prepared for the AM.  We finally actually made pancakes together (America’s Test Kitchen BlueBerry Pancakes).  They hit the spot completely- wonderful batter, melted butter and a hearty helping of Maple Syrup.  I decided to forgo putting them all together before eating, so we ate standing up beside the griddle.  It was uncouth, for sure, but it was exactly what was needed after poor sleep.  The smile shaped up on Chel’s face after that (guess sugar in the AM is a good thing), and we planned our day- Farmer’s Market, then to FS to pick up flowers.

That’s what we did, and the smile on her face picking out various plants for the containers on the back porch told me that despite my extreme tiredness, it was more than worth the struggle to have her in a great mood.  We accidentally got the owner with our questions about planting, etc., and she was more than kind paying attention to us with our silly questions.  I apologized for taking her time up with small things and she said: “Well, that’s what got me here today… helping folks like you enjoy planting.”  (paraphrased)

So, now it’s off to snag some soil and mix up the cool new polyacrilamide crystals into it to help the direct-sunlight containers.  That reminds me, I need to do a bit of research on polyacrilamides- wondering if they’re just drying out hydrogels and selling them dry…

Sorry for the mundane post, but I figured a story would be better for the first go than another Hello World.  ;)

I hope to have a lot more useful items up on the blog soon.  Thank you for stopping in for a quick read!


ps- Today was a day I realized that some days you can Make good days just by your choices in actions and care for others.  Sure, I could have stayed in bed, but I now have a happy gal on my hands, and just that is helping my own day totally rock.  [Not to mention our back porch is looking excellent!]

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