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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Painful to work with- Science Direct

One thing I find extremely helpful in my research, is the ability to download citations for articles my co-workers send. I like to import them into BibDesk and auto-file the journal articles by first-author. Unfortunately, not everyone has Bibtex export abilities. This isn’t too bad, as BibDesk imports most major citation files. One thing that I do abhorr, is when a major company decides not to offer a citation download option! Science Direct is the fellow who gets my wrath this evening. It’s so bad I’ve been looking for other companies who keep track of journals that have downloads for the ones that Science Direct publishes!

I wonder if you pay their absurd journal prices, if you get citation downloads…

For more on Absurd Journal pricing, see: Knuth and “Trapped…”

Quick One: = Slow (Update – not that slow)

Quick one for today.  Social shipping/retailer company ShopATron seems like a great way to sell things with minimal hastle.  Why?  Because you’re not actually selling them- little shops around the country are filling the orders for you.  There’s just one problem- today’s consumer is used to fast and smooth transactions with good and fast communcation between seller and buyer.  If that’s what you want as a consumer, it sounds like ShopATron may not be the way to get it.

To read the story about my experience and a post by a Faber-Castell representative, read on…
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Here’s a quick post. I saw on my affiliate store last night that if you click through my link and try out an Amazon Prime membership, you get the following:

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Now, a small warning- after 1 month, this is a paid-for membership service from Amazon. But, you get it free for 1 month. You just have to remember to quit before the month’s up. If you click through my link below, I get some cash! [Amazing!] Now, for any of my readers, this is not important, but if you want to try out Amazon prime, that’s awesome. [I tried it, and it's like Christmas with the 2-day shipping on every item eligible on Amazon (Amazon shipping products).]

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